Coming August 2024

from CamCat Books

Peppered with mystery, wry humor, and compelling characters, The Mechanics of Memory is a near-future thriller that explores love, loyalty, and the malleable nature of memory.

The Mechanics of Memory

What if everything you remember never happened?

A year ago, Hope Nakano’s life revolved around desert sunsets, single malt scotch, waffles on Saturday mornings, and Luke.

Today, not so much.

For the past six months, Hope has been eating organic food, doing yoga, and meditating in the immersive VR programs at the uber-posh Wilder Sanctuary in Rancho Mirage. Which might not be so terrible, if only she were allowed to leave. Or knew why she was there in the first place.

Hope also has little memory of her last year, how she got to Wilder, and why she’s institutionalized.  Employing a variety of unorthodox therapy practices, the doctors at Wilder are working to reconsolidate her memories. Yet their obsession with the Mad Hatters—a vigilante hacker group that exposes corrupt companies—raises Hope’s suspicions about what they’re hiding.

During a VR session Hope receives a coded message from an unknown source, and each subsequent visit presents clues triggering disparate pieces of Hope’s lost year. As more memories continue to surface, Hope finds they are in conflict with what she knows, what she’s been told, and the man she thought she loved.


One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest meets Inception in Lee’s stunning debut. A must read.”
—James L’Etoile, award-winning author of Dead Drop and Face of Greed
“Audrey Lee’s mesmerizing The Mechanics of Memory is as complex as it is thrilling. All we ever really have are our memories, but what if those memories aren’t real? Lee takes this premise to frightening extremes… Steeped in paranoia and delightfully playful with the concept of reality, The Mechanics of Memory is wildly entertaining and, ironically, quite unforgettable.”
—Carter Wilson, USA Today bestselling author of The Father She Went to Find