Coming August 2024

from CamCat Books

The Mechanics of Memory

We can help you remember.
If that, in fact, is what you want.
The question really is: do you truly want to remember?

Memory is Copeland-Stark’s business. Yet after months of memory reconsolidation treatments, Hope Nakano still has no idea what happened to her lost year or the life she was beginning to build with Luke. Each procedure surfaces fragmented clues which erode Hope’s trust in her own memories. And as inconsistencies mount, her search for answers reveals a much larger secret Copeland-Stark is determined to protect.

But everyone has secrets to protect, including Hope.

“Audrey Lee’s mesmerizing The Mechanics of Memory is as complex as it is thrilling… Steeped in paranoia and delightfully playful with the concept of reality, The Mechanics of Memory is wildly entertaining and, ironically, quite unforgettable.”
—Carter Wilson, USA Today bestselling author of The Father She Went to Find


Audrey Lee started writing fiction at the young age of eleven, when she and her best friend co-authored a masterpiece about gallivanting around London with the members of Depeche Mode, Wham!, and Duran Duran. Unfortunately, these spiral notebooks have yet to find a publisher evolved enough to understand the genius buried within.

As a result, The Mechanics of Memory is her first work of published fiction.

Audrey lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, son, and Maltipoo, Luna. She spends her free time compulsively organizing and cheering for the Golden State Warriors with a dirty martini in hand.


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